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A few questions from a new user

A few questions from a new user

Postby ctartamella on Fri Nov 02, 2012 8:01 pm

I LOVE this editor. However I have 3 issues that if I could resolve they would make it fit my workflow perfectly.

1) There seems to be no support for the additional keywords supported in C++/CLI (things like gcnew and the ref pointer ^ symbol). This isn't just a coloring issue, but it makes navigation by function more difficult because they cannot be parsed correctly. Is this something I could add via extension?

2) Is there a way to insert a snippet with variable text like the user name or the month/year? I need to put these in as method/class headers.

3) Could I create a build system for the editor that allowed me to prompt for an argument? Or would that need to be a plugin?

Thanks in advance. It's a great product.
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