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Scrolling up in QuickPanel

Scrolling up in QuickPanel

Postby jbjornson on Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:35 pm

Just a small quirk I noticed. When the quick panel is visible and the topmost entry is selected, it would be nice to be able to scroll up and have it jump to the bottom of the list. Currently scrolling up when in the first position has no effect.

For example, if there is a list of 10 items and I don't want to type in something to filter to that entry, I have to scroll down 9 times to get to that item. It would be much nicer to scroll up once and have it jump to the bottom of the list so I can select that item. Page up/page down do work, but IMHO, cycling through the list would be a nice feature.

I guess the same from the bottom of the list would also be nice (jump to the top of the list when scrolling down from the last item).
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