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Pure Sublime.

Pure Sublime.

Postby duttaoindril on Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:36 am

Simple 3 requests, very hard to implement. (I suspect.)

By (hopefully) Sublime 4.0, these ideas will be implemented:

1. Add in all the most popular and useful plugins into the native system. That would be awesome, and maybe even take the people who made them into the team, allowing a new influx of crazy - very possibly popular! - ideas.

- Make it more like a legit IDE to let all reasons to not use sublime be lost. I think we all know what we need:
2. Auto-Format (Alt-Shift-F) - Follow popular IDEs, like NetBeans, Eclipse which have such useful features.
3. Auto-Correct/Detect Errors - NetBeans & Eclipse detect errors and ways to improve as code is written, something very useful.

Now I am not an ignorant man, I have seen many attempts in plugins to achieve these, and I will say they deserve a mighty round of applause.
But as a coder, I want to get straight with the code. I am not modding a game here, I want them fully featured, native-ly. This is highly possible by allowing the creators of awesome plugins to work in the main Sublime Team.
If these 3 things happen, at least #2 & #3 by 3.0 or 4.0, then there will be no reason to turn back.

Pure sublime.
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