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Compile to asm.js & integrate with <textarea>

Compile to asm.js & integrate with <textarea>

Postby chordoflife on Fri Jun 14, 2013 3:02 am

If you compiled sl2 to asm.js and integrated in some way with <textarea> tags in-browser, it would make editing content in most CMSes far more convenient. Some people are already using emscripten to do this with the qt-based Kate editor. Here are a few demos:

http://vps2.etotheipiplusone.com:30176/ ... /kate.html
http://vps2.etotheipiplusone.com:30176/ ... wiki/Demos

As integration between asm.js and <textarea> goes... In the case there aren't any other options, maybe the integration code could periodically update the <textarea> sl2 augments with the contents of a designated file on the asm.js virtual filesystem?

I'm about 100% sure I could convince my coworkers to buy a license if we could run sl2 in a browser. :)
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