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block indentation?

block indentation?

Postby jdolan on Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:19 pm

So my question can be best summed up with stack overflow post made by someone else that never got a good answer.... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1129 ... er-bracket ...in my case I am coming from Visual Studio and used to using block indentation mode and have really hard to break muscle memory around it.

On top of that sublime text often times indents and then unindents in places that goes against my coding convention (unindenting public/private/protected inside classes, etc and indenting case statements), this is quite annoying because it seems that "auto-indent" feature has a lot of assumptions about the coding style built in, I also am of the philosophy of really not liking a text editor making such modifications implicitly (its like finger nails on a chalk board when "public:" gets snapped back over, because then I need to move my cursor over and fix it manually every single time). Really I would love sublime to have a block-indent mode that just maintains my current indentation and lets me do the tabbing and does nothing else. The only thing I want it to do is count the leading spaces/tabs of the line above and apply it to the next line, that's it. And turning off auto-indent is not an answer either. Every other text editor I have used (notepad++, msvc, xcode, etc) all have a block indent mode.

This is literally the only gripe I have with sublime text. Everything else is brilliant.
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Re: block indentation?

Postby helltone on Fri Nov 15, 2013 10:23 pm

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