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Improve Goto Definition function

Improve Goto Definition function

Postby Peiwen on Mon Oct 28, 2013 2:24 pm

I've just added Goto Definition support for the Syntax Highlighting for Sass Package. Then I noticed that I might found a few bugs of the Goto definition function.

    1. If two words are joined by hyphen, like this "two-word". Goto Definition will only work if
    Code: Select all
    ( { [ : \s
    behind it such as
    Code: Select all
    two-word() two-word{} two-word[] two-word: two-word (space)
    , but won't work if a semicolon `;` behind it.

    2. Any word at the end of a line will not work. For example:
    Code: Select all
    // new link

    Add a space behind can make it work.

    3. In my *.tmPreferences file, I tried to do this
    Code: Select all

    so there will be a `@mixin` hit in the Goto Symbol in Project list. But when I select a mixin name and Goto Definition, I need to manually select `@mixin` as well. Is it possible to ignore the content which is added by `symbolIndexTransformation`?

I am using Sublime Text 3 build 3047 on Mac.

Thank you :)
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