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Word Search in File Names on left

Word Search in File Names on left

Postby PliSsK on Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:33 pm

In most code editors and indeed sw programs where you can select from a range of files on the left, the way they work is if you have one file highlighted, if you start typing the file name you want, you expect the highlighted cursor to jump up or down to the file you are after. Only when you click on the right in the centre of the screen do you expect the cursor to appear there so you can start typing code etc.

However, with ST2, what happens is that I keep typing in say 'index' and instead of the highlighted bar on the left jumping down to the index.html file, to me it looks like nothing happens. I then mumble to myself and manually drag the slide bar down to where the index file is and select it manually. Doesn't feel very efficient. I carry on as normal. However, what has happened is that I have typed 'index' into the first part of the html file that was previously selected. This is only flagged when it comes to saving the files - if I remember what files I've changed that is - and not at all if I select Save All. The same problem is reflected where I have xyz file highlighted on the left, I want to move the bar down a few lines to reach the file I want to open and edit. However if I use the cursor keys, it moves the cursor in the text area instead of down the list of files, so I have to manually click on what file I want.

I realise that by default whenever you select a file, the cursor at the top of the screen for that file is instantly active, but I'd rather have it so there are two levels of highlighting on files in the file explorer - one grey let's say for file selected but the cursor on the screen is active (typing etc.) - and one say blue or a different colour to say that the file explorer is active and that there is no cursor on the main screen (in file explorer mode). Would make life easier I think. I end up discovering pieces of file names at the top of my html pages (before the <!DOCTTYPE) as although I know consciously how it works, it doesn't sink in or feel intuitive to me.

Also if the search function on the Mac version actually worked it would also be a bonus. ;-)
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Re: Word Search in File Names on left

Postby adzenith on Tue Nov 19, 2013 5:53 pm

PliSsK wrote:Also if the search function on the Mac version actually worked it would also be a bonus. ;-)

What does this mean?
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