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highlighting while horizontally scrolled

highlighting while horizontally scrolled

Postby egocarib on Mon Nov 25, 2013 8:08 pm

Hello friends,

One constant frustration I have with the otherwise amazing experience of sublime text is that I find it very difficult to highlight things on long lines that have gone beyond the edge of the screen, for which I have horizontally scrolled in order to see. The problem is that, if my cursor deviates even slightly from the center of the line (and it is very touchy), the screen will instantly scroll all the way back to the left since it assumes I am highlighting to the next line up or down.

Would it be possible to add a kind of small "buffer" offset to be active when highlighting part of a line with the horizontal scrollbar scrolled over to the right? Just so that it's not so touchy, and will be easier to highlight on these kinds of lines without so much frustration. Make it so that the cursor has to go higher/lower than normal from the line in order to highlight up/down to the next line, and thus avoid the horizontal scroll jerkback effect.

Thanks for listening to my idea! I wonder if anyone else has experienced this issue :)
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Re: highlighting while horizontally scrolled

Postby bastitch on Mon Dec 30, 2013 3:33 am

I've experienced this a few times. My workaround is to enable Word Wrap when selecting long lines. Kinda dirty but gets the job done :shock:

Edit: As side note, if you are wanting to select the entire line, click on the code line # to the left of what you want selected, and it will highlight the entire line of code!
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