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Scroll through all files in open folder

Scroll through all files in open folder

Postby kaddar on Tue Dec 17, 2013 10:17 pm

Sometimes I'm scrolling through a bunch of code (e.g., a lot of little script files) and I end up opening each file one at a time as I make small changes, generating a bunch of tabs and having to deal with a lot of complexity. It'd be nice if I could scroll my main content window through all of these open files. When you reach the end of a file it would show the first 10 lines of each of the files (via depth first traversal) of open folders in your current folder tree. Selecting one of these 10 line previews would expand the entire contents of the file.

I think this'd be a pretty innovative UX that'd be really helpful for developers who want to quickly navigate between files. What do you think?
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