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"Open with Sublime Text" behavior

"Open with Sublime Text" behavior

Postby ixokai on Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:14 pm

I love this product -- its become my GoTo editor for both casual text and programming these days, especially since its cross platform. I remember the old days when I had to switch between TextMate and Notepad++ depending on where I was... so sad, but!

The one thing that annoys me regularly is the behavior of the "Open with Sublime Text" shortcut on windows. On OSX, we have the option 'always open in new window', can we get that on windows too?

As it is, when I'm working on random things it pollutes my nice projects with random files which is especially annoying.

If it could always open files in a new window, that'd be great.. it'd be *especially* great if when I select multiple files, they all open in the same window. It'd be even super-better if I could right click on a *directory* and open that as a window with that folder added as a project -- I don't know if that's even possible on windows. On the mac, I used to constantly do "mate <directory>" and loved the behavior of it opening up as a new project on the fly.
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