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Some requests from russian community

Some requests from russian community

Postby Iorlas on Sun Jan 30, 2011 6:57 am

Oh hi from Russian developers. At last alpha released, i've done a small review of this awesome editor(if someone needs: check this). And, is review, i've marked some disadvantages and "need to improve/implement".
Here some of important issues:
1) Open your source for public. I believe i'm not a first man saying it, but i know i'll not a last. No, good developers can spend money for this editor, but general problem in closed sources. It creates many problems for others(like plugins-creators).
2) Alpha-version. It isn't a problem, but, as i think, it'll be easier for you, if you'll open the sources and accept community help.
3) Improve auto-complete with things like lint for python and ruby(at least). Community can't do it w/o you(see).
4) Add API for side-bar, for GUI etc. What, if i need to add a small wizard? What if i want to output a console log? How about some buttons(for example: rails project deploy menu, git menu)? Icons for files/folders(not really need for types, but for git). Documentation tool-tips or windows.
5) IT ISN'T IDE, IT IS EDITOR! Oh my... It can be an IDE, if you want. I'll keep all minimalism and features, but it can involve into greatest IDE(like emacs).
6) Some shortcut dont works at all. For example, Shift-Ctrl-2. Also, context menu button(middle of right Ctrl and right Win buttons) dont works.
7) CTRL-Enter like in Eclipse(new line from any position of previous line), multi-tab(selecting some lines and pressing tab for indent them all) etc.
8) No GUI for settings :C

So, it can be greatest IDE, but only if you want it. Otherwise, many developers will return onto Eclipse or in waiting of Eclipse 4(perhaps, it would better, if you did Sublime on eclipse 4, but nvm).
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Re: Some requests from russian community

Postby jps on Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:58 am

Great review, very thorough! At least if google translate is working correctly, anyway :)

The Python API will be expanded a great deal in the future, it's just in the early stages at the moment.

Ctrl+Enter is in there, and should be working (it is for me, at least), as is indenting multiple lines by pressing tab. Thanks for the heads up about Ctrl+Shift+<number> on Linux, I'll fix that for the next version.
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