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Old project file attributes for mount points?

Old project file attributes for mount points?

Postby Anomareh on Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:38 pm

Are they anywhere in ST2? [dir](include|exclude)?

Or is there any way to strip the base folder of a mount point in a project? Before I accomplished this in ST1 by adding all the folders in the "MyProject" folder as separate mount points, then made a new point that only consisted of the files in the root directory using the above options. Currently you can't do this in ST2 as you can't mount a file without it being open. I don't think ST2 has any problems displaying files there, just need an option to hide the root of the mount point or something.

If I'm opening the project "My Project" which is contained with the folder "*/MyProject" I really don't need to have "MyProject" in the sidebar. 1) it takes up a lot of space giving me info I already know, and 2) it messes with the workflow as every time I open the project I have to expand the "MyProject" folder in the sidebar. Would be nice if ST2 would remember the state the sidebar was in (e.g. what folders were expanded and such).
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