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Sublime Text 2 Find & Replace wishes

Sublime Text 2 Find & Replace wishes

Postby gothate on Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:19 pm

find/find & replace
I’ve used a lot of text editors in my time and none have been able to match the power and sheer usability of the emeditor find and replace dialog. I miss it, but the rest of the editor is showing its age and I don’t regret moving to sublime one bit. But here are a couple wishlist items I have:
- wishlist: way dismiss dialog using the mouse
- wishlist: dropdowns on both fields containing the items previously used. Very handy feature, see the emeditor screenshots.
- wishlist: use escape sequence, like a regex lite. See emeditor screenshots. I assume this is faster than a regex search since there’s not as much parsing to do, but it can also be very useful in that there’s way fewer characters that need to be escaped (i.e. parens, etc).
- wishlist: optional text labels on the settings buttons. Every time I run a find/replace action I have to hover over each icon to see what it means. There’s a cognitive overhead that seems unnecessary. Even labeling the groups would help some. There is a huge amount of horizontal real estate though that could be utilized in some way.
- wishlist: easy way to transition the find dialog to the replace dialog, and the replace to the find. see emeditor screenshot.

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Re: Sublime Text 2 Find & Replace wishes

Postby bigfudge on Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:04 am

How about running the search in a separate thread too? At the moment if the search grinds ST becomes unusable.

Also, any change of getting Ack support?
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