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Parameterised keybindngs

Parameterised keybindngs

Postby jps on Tue Feb 10, 2009 12:43 pm

I was saving this for a blog post, but, well, writing a forum post is easier.

Sublime Text has had 'parameterised keybindings' for some time, enabling one key binding be an input for another.

The key binding file below best describes it. Firstly, it hijacks alt+letter keys for first person shooter inspired cursor movement: Alt+WSAD move the cursor up/down and left/right by words. Alt+QE move to the beginning and end of line, and Alt+ZC move forwards and back by characters. There are a few other movement related bindings in the surrounding keys, too.

On the right hand side of the keyboard are some vi-style commands. Alt+J, followed by one of the above movement keys, will delete text till that point. For example, pressing Alt+J,A will delete a word to the left of the cursor. Alt+J,E will delete till the end of the line. As well as delete, there are a few other commands for copying a region of text, and pasting it at a given location.

It's worth having a play around with at any rate, not having to use the arrow keys for cursor navigation at the least is worth the price of entry.

Code: Select all
   <binding key="alt+a" command="move words -1"/>
   <binding key="alt+d" command="move words 1"/>
   <binding key="shift+alt+a" command="move words -1 extend"/>
   <binding key="shift+alt+d" command="move words 1 extend"/>
   <binding key="alt+z" command="move characters -1"/>
   <binding key="alt+c" command="move characters 1"/>
   <binding key="shift+alt+z" command="move characters -1 extend"/>
   <binding key="shift+alt+c" command="move characters 1 extend"/>
   <binding key="alt+w" command="move lines -1"/>
   <binding key="alt+s" command="move lines 1"/>
   <binding key="shift+alt+w" command="move lines -1 extend"/>
   <binding key="shift+alt+s" command="move lines 1 extend"/>
   <binding key="alt+x" command="expandSelectionTo line"/>
   <binding key="shift+alt+x" command="expandSelectionTo line"/>
   <binding key="alt+q" command="moveTo bol"/>
   <binding key="alt+e" command="moveTo eol"/>
   <binding key="shift+alt+q" command="moveTo bol extend"/>
   <binding key="shift+alt+e" command="moveTo eol extend"/>
   <binding key="alt+r" command="moveTo bof"/>
   <binding key="alt+f" command="moveTo eof"/>
   <binding key="shift+alt+r" command="moveTo bof extend"/>
   <binding key="shift+alt+f" command="moveTo eof extend"/>
   <binding key="alt+i" command="repeat"/>
   <binding key="alt+j" command="deleteOver ${motion}"/>
   <binding key="alt+l" command="cutOver ${motion}"/>
   <binding key="alt+k" command="copyOver ${motion}"/>
   <binding key="alt+semicolon" command="paste"/>
   <binding key="alt+p" command="pasteAt ${motion}"/>
   <binding key="alt+o" command="copy"/>
   <namespace name="motion">
      <binding key="alt+a" command="words -1"/>
      <binding key="a" command="words -1"/>
      <binding key="alt+d" command="words 1"/>
      <binding key="d" command="words 1"/>
      <binding key="alt+z" command="characters -1"/>
      <binding key="z" command="characters -1"/>
      <binding key="alt+c" command="characters 1"/>
      <binding key="c" command="characters 1"/>
      <binding key="alt+w" command="lines -1"/>
      <binding key="w" command="lines -1"/>
      <binding key="alt+s" command="lines 1"/>
      <binding key="s" command="characters 1"/>
      <binding key="alt+x" command="entireline"/>
      <binding key="x" command="entireline"/>
      <binding key="alt+q" command="bol"/>
      <binding key="q" command="bol"/>
      <binding key="alt+e" command="eol"/>
      <binding key="e" command="eol"/>
      <binding key="alt+r" command="moveTo bof"/>
      <binding key="r" command="moveTo bof"/>
      <binding key="alt+f" command="moveTo eof"/>
      <binding key="f" command="moveTo eof"/>

You can see the parametrisation in action by looking at the commands like:
Code: Select all
<binding key="alt+j" command="deleteOver ${motion}"/>
The ${motion} indicates that the next key binding is expected to one of the entries in the 'motion' namespace, and the text ${motion} will be replaced by the text of the next entered command.

Anyway, if someone is keen, it'd be cool to see this packaged up, and a graphic illustrating the bound keys would be handy too.
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Re: Parameterised keybindngs

Postby SteveCooperOrg on Tue Feb 10, 2009 7:33 pm

The example has been built into a package for Sublime Text. The permalink for this package is;

http://www.sublimetextwiki.com/pages/Pa ... ample.html

The package can be downloaded directly from

http://www.sublimetextwiki.com/sublime- ... me-package

Note that these are always the most up-to-date versions available.
Maybe what you're looking for is at the http://www.sublimetextwiki.com
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