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Preferences json not yaml?

Re: Preferences json not yaml?

Postby skaet on Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:35 am

Holy necro, Batman!

I'd like to throw in support for JSON. As ironcladlou mentioned, it's extremely portable and widely supported. I can't think of any user experience needs trumping these two programming requirements. Admittedly, YAML does share some formatting structure with Python but it's not difficult to format JSON for readability.
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Re: Preferences json not yaml?

Postby twoolie on Fri May 25, 2012 3:02 am

My 2cents:

YAML IS AWESOME. As a configuration language, It is fast, flexible, metaprogrammable.

jbrooksuk wrote:To change it now would be a big change.

It would NOT be a big change, In-Fact it would be a dropin replacement because JSON is a valid subset of YAML.
All current JSON config files would work perfectly when being parsed by the YAML, making this the perfect time to switch over.
People won't even have to know that PyYaml is actually parsing their Json file.

In additon to this, YAML has some really cool features such as anchors which allow us to reduce repetition in config files (define once, use many times.)

From the wiki definition:

YAML syntax was designed to be easily mapped to data types common to most high-level languages: list, associative array, and scalar.[4] Its familiar indented outline and lean appearance make it especially suited for tasks where humans are likely to view or edit data structures, such as configuration files, dumping during debugging, and document headers (e.g. the headers found on most e-mails are very close to YAML). Although well-suited for hierarchical data representation, it also has a compact syntax for relational data as well.[5] Its line and whitespace delimiters make it friendly to ad hoc grep/Python/Perl/Ruby operations. A major part of its accessibility comes from eschewing the use of enclosures like quotation marks, brackets, braces, and open/close-tags which can be hard for the human eye to balance in nested hierarchies.

So please, reconsider YAML. It's awesome, It's powerful, It's a drop-in replacement.
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