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Holy god this thing's amazing

Holy god this thing's amazing

Postby michael.bartnett on Thu May 05, 2011 7:42 am

I've got so many damned text editors installed on my MacBook, I didn't know what do do, until I saw somebody link to the Sublime 2 alpha on the Kod mailing list.

It's really fantastic, everything I was looking for in an editor: intelligent navigation and editing (didn't expect genius-level text manipulation though!), speed, snippets, straight-forward build system and plugin API.

I only have a couple of questions/suggestions for improvement. Just small things, using the Sublime 2 alpha is indeed sublime.

First, do you have any plans to implement drag & drop text? A forum search led me to these two threads, but there didn't seem to be any resolution on this issue for either thread. I know you can accomplish the same effect with selection and cut/copy, paste, but when I'm in "mouse-mode" I'm usually scrolling through code, getting a high level view, and occasionally I'll want to move some sections around or duplicate some text blocks to other sections for impromptu templates. It's a slight break in the flow to have to switch between keyboard and mouse in this situation. It's not a necessary feature, but I feel it would gel with the vibe of Sublime Text, which seems to be to all about powerful, fluid text manipulation.

Second, is it possible to make use of stdin in the Python console? I've played around with it as a way to test scripts and maybe serve as a sort of terminal integration (although navigating via os.path is certainly clunky). Not having stdin available is kinda limiting though. Maybe have it popup a text field similar to the Goto Anywhere field?

That being said, I still need to dive into the API, so maybe this stuff is achievable with a plugin. Looking forward to exploring more features.
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