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A few suggestions

A few suggestions

Postby edkirin on Sat May 07, 2011 8:12 am


First of all, thanks for creating such a powerful text editor. I installed it couple of days ago and I'm still testing it. I've got a few suggestions which will make my life easier.

1. I'd like to see configurable caret shape. Not the vertical one, but underlined, as in shell.

2. I'd expect scroll_past_end option to maintain caret horizontal position when moving up/down through the file, even the current line is shorter than caret X position.

3. There is an option find_selected_text which fills the search field with current selection. Useful option will be find_word_under_caret too. I suppose it's not a problem to implement it.

4. When no selection is made and the caret is at the beginning of the line, tab indents current line. I'd expect that shift+tab unindents it also, as

5. File browser will be useful.

6. Projects could have upload profiles which will enable to upload modified files from project to remote server. Also, I don't see the way to set the "main" runnable file from project, for example, makefile.

7. Remote file editing, using (S)FTP.

That's all at the first glance. All in all, I'm very comfortable in using Sublime Text 2 in my Linux enviroment. I'm hardly waiting for stable version and I'm planning to buy the licence at this time.
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