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edit multi-select with different value

edit multi-select with different value

Postby crazysocket on Tue May 24, 2011 6:10 am


I'm not sure if this feature is available at the moment. I tried to look for it, but no result.

I know at the moment, we can select few words, and change those selected with same value.

However, it would be nicer if there is a feature where I can select few words, and edit those selected word with different value.
For example,
I select only those words inside ""; ie("abc", "def", "ghi" -> select multiple abc, def, ghi)
when i press escape it will go back to abc, when i press enter, it will go directly to def and so on till the last word I've selected.

Hope you get what i mean, not good in english.

thank you.
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