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Ideas to steal from SourceInsight

Ideas to steal from SourceInsight

Postby discouraged_one on Wed Jun 29, 2011 6:49 pm

As an ex-user of SourceInsight (moved out due to no support and no mac version) i greatly miss some features of it (though they are present in some different editors too)
1. Navigation by points of edit. Basically Go Back/Go Forward (across different files sure)
2. Go to Definition/Declaration. Sublime already parses stuff, why not create small db with projects symbols? Also definition/declaration distinction is important (hate SlickEdit for missing that)
3. Context Window. When you have cursor on symbol - show point of declaration with some lines around in window. Once again, reduce numbers of keystrokes needed if you want to check smth in definition.
Apart from that docs on scripting/themes editing? Sure, i understand that you are deep in development, but at least point me to some wiki/txts/examples whatever ;-)
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