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Portable-ish user settings

Portable-ish user settings

Postby SeanWcom on Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:32 am

I can't think of a subject properly convey my idea, so bear with me...

I've recently converted to ST2 from Notepad++. I do a lot of work at home and at my office, and I use the heck out of dropbox to keep my environments in sync where I can. When I saw that ST2 had a portable version, I was thrilled - I immediately put it in my software share of my Dropbox and things work perfectly. So perfectly that if I leave a file open at work, it's open here at home... even if it's an unsaved file that I was just scratching notes down in... wow! That's awesome!

I love having everything synced up like that however, there are two things I'd like different between my house and my office. Here at home I'm in a nice comfortable low-lit environment. I love the dark theme with a dark color scheme. However, at the office I'm in a harshly lit datacenter with fluorescent lights everywhere. Using a dark editor makes my eyes hurt after awhile because of the contrasts... so at work, I switch over and use the Soda light theme with a light colored color scheme. Perfect!

So on to my idea. I'd love to be able to create a location based preferences file... maybe based on my IP address or something like 192.sublime-settings and 10.sublime-settings (192 being a mask for at home and 10 being a mask for my company's internal subnet)? Or perhaps instead of a portable solution, I could install the regular client, but point it at a different folder to store specific settings in or something... then those could be synced home, but I could retain some settings locally...

Anyway, I'm just tossing ideas out there - I have no idea what's possible... any thoughts?
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