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Application's name: removing version reference

Application's name: removing version reference

Postby hced on Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:03 pm

Here is one vote for a disposal of the version reference in the application's name.

In my rationale, version number is what Command+i on the application (Mac); visiting the About menu or; typing $ subl --version on the commandline is all about.

I'd even suggest naming the app Sublime, for cleaner appearance and signaling more simplicity. I.e. selling just the application's core identity (or soul, if you will) in the actual name.

Despite the fact that there are occasional exceptions to this day (e.g. Adobe apps), it appeals to me as being a lot more modern, to refrain from yesteryear naming schemes such as including the whole shebang in the name, e.g. Magnificient Write Deluxe Pro 3.

Sublime Text 2 doesn't reach that degree of naming bloat, but it could really benefit from not going down the path of forcing people to refer to it as separate apps; Sublime Text 1, Sublime Text 2, Sublime Text 3 … etc. I don't see any value in that. Just confusion.

I like the choice of picking "Sublime" for the name. That's what it's all about (a 'sublime experience' editing text), so why not sell just that? (Again, keeping 'Text' can make perfect sense, if it's non-negotiable.)

I think this app is very attractive and genial, save for this little cosmetic redundancy in its name.
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