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Go To File history after Preview

Go To File history after Preview

Postby neogia on Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:08 pm

You've absolutely nailed the Go To File functionality, and I think that's awesome. One complaint, to do with File Preview:

I primarily navigate my projects with Go To File (Cmd+T), and I don't really pay attention to the physical tabs at all. I love the ease that I can hop between two, three, or sometimes four different files by using Cmd+T, Down, and Enter.

The only time this becomes a problem is when I sometimes single-click to open a file from the sidebar. I'm aware that this triggers a Preview and not a new tab. Again, I don't mind this behavior but I would love it if this Preview'ed file would get added to the Go To File history. As it stands, if I just want to reference a file, but not edit it, there is no way to hop back and forth between the two unless I double-click the file from the sidebar to give it a proper tab.

I see two easy solutions:
1) allow single-click to "Open" a file rather than "Preview" a file in preferences
2) add Preview'ed files to the Go To File history so that I can "Go To File"-hop between them

Much appreciated, and excellent work so far.

Edit: modified option 1)
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Re: Go To File history after Preview

Postby FichteFoll on Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:08 am

1) Try the "preview_on_click": false setting. I don't use it and I'm not sure if that's what you want but it's rather possible.

2) If you added a folder to your project (that is it's shown in the sidebar) you can already find any file in it with the GoToAnywhere. That's pretty much what's required for it to work in the first place.
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Re: Go To File history after Preview

Postby neogia on Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:06 pm

Thanks for the tips but, to be rather blunt, I'm not really looking for workarounds. It's very specifically a feature request.

1) The first thing I tried was turning "preview_on_click" to false, but this doesn't turn on "open_on_click". At this point, you can only open a file from the sidebar with a double-click.

2) I understand I can open it by using GoToAnywhere (as previously stated), but my preference for using GTA shouldn't preclude me from using the sidebar to open files with a certain expectation for how the previously-opened-file-history is preserved.

Basically, this would be a non-issue if the GTA file history captured "previewed" files.
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