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Flash ActionScript3 Debugger

Flash ActionScript3 Debugger

Postby ppalmeida on Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:14 pm

Firts of all (since this is my first post here), i want to congrat the Sublime text team. It is wonderful! I really love it.

Im a flash developer and im switching to mac. Im a huge fan of FlashDevelop, but it just works on Windows. Since I do all HTML/CSS/JS/PHP in SublimeText and SublimeText works fine on mac I thought: would be possible develop a Flash Debugger/Profiler into Sublime text?

Because SublimeText is light and fast as FlashDevelop. But, since i use to do huge projects and games in Flash, just a "trace outuput" to console isnt sufficient. My knowledge in Python is small. But it could be a good scenario to learn Python and help other people to use SublimeText with ActionScript 3 ;-)

What I want to know from you guys, who knows Sublime code very deeply, is: Would it be possible? Do you see any barriers that could do this impossible or really hard to implement? For me, a breakpoint system, a panel with the current variables/values and a stack panel would be wonderful. The profiler could be a second step.

Hope this could be possible.
Thank you all and sorry for my poor english.

Pedro Paulo Almeida
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