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Postby federomano on Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:01 pm

Hi! I've beeing searching for a way to publish WordPress Pages, or update page's contents, using a code editor. This is because im used to the proces of editing a non WordPress site with content beeing saved in external files, so the common way of working is editing the code, saving (on localhost of course), and updating the browser to see changes. But with WordPress in the middle, im forced to copy the content, loggin in WordPress admin, editing a page, pasting the content, updating, switching to another browser not logged in, updating to see changes.

I thaught maybe i could use php's include function in the page to include external html file content (for example in /html/mypage.html), but since WordPress modifies the code saved in the database (for example adds a <p> tag to every <img> it simply doesnt work the same way, because with the include it doesnt modify anything.

There's XML-RPC in WordPress for publishing to the platform

And there are many external editors for doing this task, but i think all of them use visual interface rather than code interface

Since im using Sublime i thaught maybe there's a plugin for doing this automatically (updating the database or using XML-RPC). Unfortunately i havent found anything useful yet.

If you know anything to help me it would be amazing and i will thank you a lot.

And please excuse my english, im from a spanish speaking language.
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