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Zoom zoom zoom

Zoom zoom zoom

Postby moe on Sat Jan 02, 2010 4:56 am


This proposal would allow the ability to hold CTRL and use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out of the current target view. Its essentially a way of dynamically changing the font size of the target. By target I am referring to where the mouse is currently not the active window (tab). For instance, you two panes are open. The cursor is currently in pane 1. Zooming in and out of pane 2 would not require giving it focus before you can zoom.

Default sublime options

* zoom (true|false)
default: true

* zoomTarget (active|pointer)
default: pointer

* zoomSimultaneously (true|false)
default: false

Zoom Glow

One of the problems with current zoom implementations is that you never know when your back to your default font-size without clicking some menu and selecting "reset". I don't think this is optimal. Instead i propose something called "zoom glow" which ever so slightly changes the (BG or Border) color of the current view over a duration, essentially notifying you your back to your default. It should feel like a visual snap, you should know when you hit it.

Default sublime options

* zoomGlow (true|false)
default: true

* zoomGlowUI (bg|border)
default: bg

* zoomGlowDuration (time in ms)
default: 200?

* zoomGlowColor (some color)
default: package/color scheme setting?
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