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Portable build

Portable build

Postby jbjornson on Tue Jan 05, 2010 12:54 pm


I have a (hopefully) small request: I would like to be able to download a "portable" version of Sublime Text. By portable, I mean a simple zip file with the required files. Hopefully this could simply be an extra step in the build/package process, but I must admin I don't know how python applications are packaged. It would be nice to have this for both the official release and the beta releases (but most importantly for the beta releases).

Background: My work PC is severely locked down and I cannot run the install executable that you provide.

Workaround: To be able to use Sublime Text I have to extract the files from the "Sublime Text xxx Setup.exe" file (using UniversalExtractor). I then rename and move the extracted "{app}" directory to one of the few places I have write-access to. I also use the "--data" command line parameter to specify an alternate configuration directory. I have had no issues using the application in this way.

If it is helpful, the extracted "{app}" directory contains the "Pristine Packages" directory as well as the following files:

I hope that it is not an problem that I have extracted the application in this way.

I have been trying out Sublime Text for a month or so now and really enjoy using it. The multiple region select mode is more useful than I ever imagined and is so much better than the column select mode that I fell in love with in jEdit.

The only feature that I miss from my previous editor (jEdit) is a search (and replace) across a directory or multiple files.

Thanks for the great editor and all of the innovative work.


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