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Printable Documentation

Printable Documentation

Postby Brian Westlake on Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:36 am

Dear Sublime Text HQ,

Love the recent 2.0.x release, Sublime Text has arrived well and truly (apart from a print function! :D ).

Concomitant with such an arrival, it's high time that the documentation played catch-up with the functionality, and I would encourage the discipline of a feature-freeze, bug-fix only development cycle, until the documentation is commensurate with the functionality.

I think it will assist sales of the editor as the mark of a professional package - not that I am saying it isn't! :)

Any such documentation must include a monochrome, printer-friendly version! - online documentation is only really good for dipping and diving, not good for go to whoa full briefings of an application.

Happily there are several applications that can generate CHM, HTML and PDF documentation from the single source.

HelpSmith [1] is one example:


Thank you for a wonderful text editor.

Best regards,

[1] NOTE: I have no affiliation with HelpSmith, I just cite it as one example.
Brian Westlake
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