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ConsoleExec: Execute in an external console window

ConsoleExec: Execute in an external console window

Postby joeyespo on Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:54 pm

Hi all,

I created a small plugin to run code in an external console like other editors do. It'll also show "Press any key to exit" when the process terminates.
The main motivation was Pyglet windows weren't being shown when running Python with Sublime Text. And, well, I do prefer having an output window to ALT+TAB to.


It's registered on Sublime Package Control already, so you can just look for ConsoleExec on there.

The source is available on Github.




Run "Browse Packages..." and edit the ".sublime-build" file in one of the language directories, then add the following line:

Code: Select all
"target": "console_exec"

That language will now run in its own console window when built.

Also, if anyone knows how to make this work system-wide, please let me know!


It's Windows-only at the moment. If this solves a huge pain for others, I'll look into making it more portable =)

It's my first plugin, motivated by probably my biggest complaint about ST. Although I have to admit, that list is quite small.

I hope this can help someone here!
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