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ST3: Pandown, Markboard, CriticMarkup, Koan

ST3: Pandown, Markboard, CriticMarkup, Koan

Postby phyllisstein on Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:47 am

While I'm taking up forum space, I've also put together some reasonably official ports of two of my own packages and one that's not mine, as well as started the basics of a new one:

  • CriticMarkup is now working under ST3.
  • Pandown3 is a Pandoc build wrapper for Sublime Text 3. It includes build systems for Markdown and HTML, but theoretically supports any and all of Pandoc's readers and writers. Currently, only the latest versions of Pandoc---1.10 or higher---are supported.
  • Markboard3 is another Pandoc build wrapper, but one that's meant to convert Markdown to formatted rich text and copy the rich text to the clipboard. Currently, only OS X is supported.
  • Koan is a package for adding OpenMeta metadata to Sublime Text files. In its current infancy, it only adds and reads tags from files, but search functions, ratings, etc. are coming soon. Only for OS X.
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