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My First Plugin: Sublime Hide Tabs

My First Plugin: Sublime Hide Tabs

Postby vthakr on Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:48 pm

This is a simple little plugin that will automatically show/hide tabs depending on the number of views in the active window/group. It works fairly well, but has one glaring problem in that it depends on the initial setup of the window to work properly since there is no way to figure out through the API whether or not tabs are currently visible. Basically, for it to work correctly, you have to make sure that before you start opening/closing files, the tabs are correctly displayed for the current number of open views. After that, it takes care of everything else. What that typically means is that whenever you open a new empty window, just make sure that the tab bar is hidden before opening any files.

You can install the plugin through Will Bond's wonderful Package Control or by downloading the source from its GitHub page.

Also, I've found it helpful to have a key binding for the `toggle_tabs` command setup, so I can quickly show/hide the tab bar as necessary, so you might want to consider setting that up as well. To do that, just select Sublime Text [2] > Preferences > Key Bindings - User and add the following line to your list of key bindings.

Code: Select all
{ "keys": ["ctrl+alt+super+t"], "command": "toggle_tabs" }

Hope you all get some good use out of it.
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