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Run - Simple Run System for SublimeText2

Run - Simple Run System for SublimeText2

Postby Phenryx on Sat Mar 16, 2013 6:56 pm

Hello everyone!
I'm new in this forum. Sorry for my bad english.
I use ST2 to coding my Python projects and now I'm moving to learn Java. ST2 has a good build system for a lot of programming languages but not to run the files created from compiled programming languages.

So i develop a plugin that "fix" this issue.

Name --> "Run".
Github URL --> http://www.github.com/Phenryx/Run

Why use this plugin?!
Personally, I am bored to use the modified "JavaC.sublime-build" to build and run at the same time because this increases enormously the time to simply run a alredy compiled source file.
If I want to show a complex Java (or other compiled language) program, already compiled, you have to press "CTRL+B" and wait 40-50-60 seconds to build and run the program.

With this plugin you build one time with "Ctrl+b" and when you want to show the program simply press "ctrl+shift+b" or "F5" and immediatly the plugin run your (already compiled) program. ;)

You can write your configuration for almost any programming languages you want, modifying the "Run.sublime-run" as you do with the sublime-build.

Install the Plugin
Download the sublime-package from Github repo (here direct download link http://www.github.com/Phenryx/Run/blob/master/Package/Run.sublime-package?raw=true), open Sublime and go to Preferences>Browse Packages... Now go in the up folder and copy the plugin into "Installed Packages" folder. Reboot Sublime and all is done! Now you can see in the Tools menu a new voice "Run". :)
I think that this plugin should be integrated within the SublimeText2 Core. But this is not a my choose. :geek:
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Re: Run - Simple Run System for SublimeText2

Postby robertcollier4 on Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:50 pm

Cool, will try this out. So far I have been running things from my sublime-menu through calling subprocess.Popen directly as follows:
Code: Select all
import subprocess
subprocess.Popen(['C:\\windows\\system32\\cmd.exe', '/k', 'echo testing'])
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Re: Run - Simple Run System for SublimeText2

Postby Phenryx on Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:45 pm

Yes, sir! This is a good method to run things but it will only work with Windows. Maybe I could implement another way to do it.
For the moment I'll continue to improve this plugin "widely" for all OS supported!

I fixed some bugs in this release. All changes on GitHub. :mrgreen:
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