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Sublime Text Powershell Tools

Sublime Text Powershell Tools

Postby guillermooo on Sun Jun 06, 2010 7:54 pm

http://bitbucket.org/guillermooo/sublim ... hell-tools

This is not a Sublime Text Package, but a collection of scripts to work more efficiently with Sublime Text from PowerShell.

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    Create a project under $SublimeProjectsDir. This way you don't have to keep your sublime-project file under the same directory as your code.

    Get the existing sublime-project files under $SublimeProjectsDir. Pretty raw output; make sure to filter it.

    A wrapper around sublimetext.exe.

To obtain help for any of these cmdlets, do:

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help <Cmdlet> -Full


Dot source this file before use (. ./sublime-pstools.ps1) or do the same from your $Profile to have it always loaded for you.

More cmdlets are in the pipeline (horrible pun intended). Hope you find them useful!
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