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Official LaTeXTools support for ST3!

Official LaTeXTools support for ST3!

Postby Marciano on Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:09 am

Hi all!

The latest *development* branch of the official (free and open-source) LaTeXTools plugin now supports ST3. You need to download the `st3` branch as a zip file at


and unzip it in your Packages directory. This branch actually supports both ST2 and ST3, and my plan is for it to become *the* official version soon. Right now I'm using it for my daily work, forcing myself to alternate between ST2 and ST3 to make sure it is "battle-tested" on both platforms. Things are looking great so far, but please download, test for yourselves, and report any bugs on GitHub. More info at


BTW, this version is based on the latest (and greatest :-) ) master branch, including tex engine selection, westacular and jlegewie's supercool ref/cite completion, and all recent bug fixes. I will also merge any fixes/improvements to the master branch, so you can make sure you're running the latest and best code.

Finally, kudos to user phyllisstein, who first ported LaTeXTools to ST3. I benefited greatly from his experience and his code.

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