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MultiFill to deal the problems in multiple situations

MultiFill to deal the problems in multiple situations

Postby Lellansin on Tue Sep 03, 2013 2:39 pm


MultiFill is a plugin to deal the problems in many multiple situations.

Filling multi place with config

you can press [ctrl+m] and [ctrl+f] (short for Multi-Fill), when you use the sublime choose multi-place. It will show a panel to let you select a text type to fill multi-places automatically. The texts maybe numbers names genders dates jobs etc.. and you can customize those content sort is ordered or random easily by edit the config file.

Formula insert

If you just want to insert some numbers with your law, you can try [ctrl+m] and [ctrl+i] (short for Multi-Interger), to input your formula like this :

Code: Select all
y = 2000 - 10x

the x is form 0 to how many places you selected, and the every place will be filled with 2000 1990 1980 ... etc. just the result of the formula you typed.

Multi select

Now you can free your ctrl + D

We won't be cautious any more while using [ctrl+d] to make multiple selections. we can use the [ctrl+alt+d] to save the points and selections now, and use [ctrl+alt+enter] to restore all of it. If you like vintage mode or dislike mouse selecting, I think you may like this function.

Multi switch

My company offered two computer monitors for programmer, so I write some funtions for Split Editing. First, you can switch to the prev or next editor view by [alt+left] and [alt+right].(the diff between ctrl+PageUpDown is this will not switch to other group)

And, you can jump to the the prev or next window group by [ctrl+alt+left] and [ctrl+alt+right]. Last, you can also jump with your editor view by [ctrl+alt+shift+left] and [ctrl+alt+shift+right]. (Um.. this may be conflicted with the system shortcut on linux)


when you selected multiple selections, there is a [alt+`] to come back to the last selection. The diff bewteen [Esc] is that the [Esc] will back to the first.


Install this repository via "Package Control" http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/package_control


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