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Symfony2 Command Line Plugin

Symfony2 Command Line Plugin

Postby jtwebb on Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:30 am

I've just released a new plugin for Symfony 2 and ST3. I always had a problem remembering all the commands and parameters/arguments for the command line. I used to use another package but it hasn't been upgraded for ST3 yet and I really liked the functionality, so I decided to created a package to do just that.


It allows for all the commands that Symfony2 offers plus FOS user bundle. Eventually I'll add more as the need arises. I'm also including snippets as I go along. Basically, anything that I can't always remember the syntax for and have to look either in one of my other files or online, I'm adding a snippet for. All snippets will be prefixed with 'sf' to help separate them from other snippets and to easily find all of them.

The commands are found via the command palette or context menu. I didn't include any key bindings because everyone likes their own and wouldn't want a key binding for all the commands.

Any suggestions/improvements that you have, please let me know. I really want to make this a solid and useful package.
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