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"File History" Updated with preview and quick open

"File History" Updated with preview and quick open

Postby jbjornson on Fri Jan 10, 2014 10:58 am

SublimeText - File History

New features:
* Display a preview of the file while looking through the file history in the quick panel (only Sublime Text 3)
* When re-opening a file from the history, choose the position to open it in: the first tab, the last tab, the next tab or in the position that it was when it was closed
* Choose target location where the file history should be saved
* Optionally remove any non-existent files while looking through the file history (when previewed or opened)
* Optionally clean up the history on start-up
* Optionally display the quick panel entries with a monospaced font
* Open multiple history entries from the quick panel with the right key
* [Settings][settings] file to customize the functionality.
* Important: You will need to restart Sublime Text after editing the settings file (because the settings are cached by the Sublime Text API).

Available with Package Control as "File History"

For more information about installing or usage, please check out the github page:

If you have any problems, please open an issue:
https://github.com/FichteFoll/sublimete ... ory/issues
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