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Postby dnatag on Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:13 pm

This plugin is designed to help rope users to refactor python codes.
## Refactor Methods Implemented in the plugin ##
0. Create a rope project (Ctrl+Shift+N): You must create the rope project first before performing any following refactoring actions.
1. Undo last refactoring action (Ctrl+Shift+Z)
2. Redo last refactoring action (Ctrl+Shift+Y)
3. Rename a field
4. Rename a module
5. Transform a module to package with the same name
6. Change the signiture of a function/method
7. Extract method
8. Extract variable
9. Inline: Inline occurrences of a method/variable/parameter
10. Change a local variable to field
11. Introduce parameter to a function
12. Introduce constructor factory (select a class name to perform the refactoring)
13. Encapsulate field: Generate a getter/setter for a field and changes its occurrences to use them.
14. Use function: Try to use a function whenever possible
15. Move across module
16. Move attribute
17. Transform function to method object
18. Restructure

This plugin can be installed from Package Control ;)
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