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Stylus2CSS Plugin

Stylus2CSS Plugin

Postby edmundask on Mon Apr 02, 2012 7:31 pm

Hi everyone,

not so long ago I discovered Stylus and decided to try it out. I'm using a plugin which converts LESS code to CSS on save in SublimeText2. So I created a similar plugin to convert Stylus code to CSS using styl.heroku.com service. It is VERY basic as I'm not really familiar with python but I thought I should still share it.


I should warn you that unfortunately it doesn't work with multiple Stylus files. That is, you can't use @import inside your Stylus file because the plugin uses remote service and it doesn't support multiple files (as far as I can tell). But it could still be useful for some basic stuff.

Anyway, maybe somebody will find it useful. Cheers. :)
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