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Sublime Text 2 LLDB plugin

Sublime Text 2 LLDB plugin

Postby lldbplugin on Thu Jul 05, 2012 11:13 pm

Hi all! (Please read the whole post before installing the plugin)

I've been developing a Sublime Text 2 LLDB plugin for some time and it now seems to be good enough for release. (At least on Mac OS X)

Remember: This is still a beta version. It may have some problems. Please report any problems to me, either on this forum or on the github project page.

All installation and usage instructions are on the README.md file. I think I didn't forget anything. There are some known bugs.

The biggest problem:
If you have the latest released Xcode, you can't restart a program. Sublime Text will crash. This is a problem with the (very) old LLDB.framework (and debugserver binary) shipped with Xcode 4.3.3. An updated debugserver binary is provided with the plugin, but you will have to sign it. See the README file for details. Other more recent versions of Xcode may work, since they have a newer lldb version. If you have one of these, change and path on the lldb.sublime-settings file to point to the debugserver binary inside your updated Xcode.app.

I'm sorry for this complicated step, but we'll have to deal with it until Apple updates Xcode's bundled lldb framework. :)


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