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CSharpreter "pseudo" C# interpreter

CSharpreter "pseudo" C# interpreter

Postby ajryan on Thu Aug 30, 2012 5:13 am

Hi all,

Happy to announce my first Sublime Text plugin: CSharpreter.

I write a lot of C#, and I often find myself wanting to check the behavior of a certain method or operator. My go-to tool for this has been SnippetCompiler, but now I’m trying to eliminate as many reasons for leaving my editor as possible. So, I created a plugin for Sublime Text that is inspired by SnippetCompiler - it takes the selected text and shoves it inside the main routine of a simple C# console app, builds it, and runs it. You can customize the “usings” and the boilerplate code auto-inserted at the end of the Main routine (by default: runs your fragment, prints a short message, and then reads a key).

Install with Package Control - plugin is named CSharpreter.

You can find full documentation at GitHub
Issues and pull requests welcome!
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