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Sublime-surround - a loving homage to vim-surround.

Sublime-surround - a loving homage to vim-surround.

Postby jcartledge on Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:21 pm


2 new (related) plugins:

https://github.com/jcartledge/sublime-surround - heavily inspired by https://github.com/tpope/vim-surround , it's a plugin for adding, changing and deleting text around the current insertion point. It's useful for things like:

- changing single quotes to double quotes
- wrapping the current selection in braces, or an HTML tag
- deleting the tag around the insertion point

and lots of other things I find myself doing often enough to want this. It has been submitted for inclusion to Package Control but for now you'll need to install it manually.

https://github.com/jcartledge/vintage-sublime-surround provides Vintage key mappings for sublime-surround based on the vim-surround mappings. It's a separate plugin because not everyone wants mappings with their plugin (or uses Vintage), and the mappings need to load after Vintage to avoid being clobbered.

Please try them out if this sounds interesting to you, and I'd love to get your feedback here, in github issues, or by email (my address is in the project readme.)
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