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Postby mark4 on Sat Dec 15, 2012 10:22 pm

Can someone implement a decent merge tool package, not one that launches some external merge utility but one that works entirely within sublime text.

It should be able to diff between two open (or not?) files, merge differences including doing a 3 way merge. One of the reasons I would like this built in is because i cannot abide any of the existing 3 way merge tools in existing applications such as winmerge or beyond compare. Both of these are awesome tools but their 3 way TOTALLY $*)^$&! me up lol.

Mentally i need the files to be ordered in this such that (with split screen) screen 1 would be the file I'm working on. screen 2 would be the same file with someone elses edits. screen 3 would be the file the other person started with prior to them making any changes. This way, I could visually see the differences generated by the other person and apply his changes to my file.

To me this means time is flowing from right to left. Server has oldest file. Other persons edits are newer and my file will be the newest version. ANY other order of these 3 windows and i will screw up the merge guaranteed!

This would not be a trivial package to create and may not even be possible. I know I could never create it :)
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