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C-shell support in Shell Mode

C-shell support in Shell Mode

Postby supergra on Tue Sep 10, 2013 6:13 am

Hi all. First post here. Sublime text 3 user.

I have the great misfortune to use c-shell for a lot of my work. Although the "Shell Script (Bash)" mode does 90% of c-shell syntax highlighting reasonably well, it misses out on several keywords.

I modified three files in the ShellScript.sublime-package zip file:

Code: Select all
Completion Rules.tmPreferences

With fewer than 20 lines changed total, the syntax highlighting is much more palatable.
Is this something that would be potentially worked into the main builds? If it would be useful to post the code, where should one do that?

It could of course, also be spun off into a separate package, but it seems to play nicely with Bash, and by and large the syntax highlighting works very similarly.
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