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On the scope of plugins

On the scope of plugins

Postby quodlibet on Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:50 am

Any best practices on the scope of plugins? Is it better to release 2 or 3 plugins or bundle them together in 1 plugin?

I have a bunch of small things I've been building/using geared towards writing prose, especially in Markdown (including a syntax, a color scheme, some nifty keybindings, etc.).

I was thinking of just throwing them in my Typewriter plugin (which is also oriented towards prose writing). Now I'm not so sure, primarily because it looks like I'll have to be maintaining two versions of it (due API differences between ST2 and ST3).

On the other hand, because I use this stuff together I also develop them in tandem. For example, I change the color scheme to reflect changes in the syntax and so on. I'd rather not have to range across multiple plugins.

Bearing in mind that none of the features force themselves on automatically (unlike *cough* MarkdownEditing *cough*) -- everything has to be enabled in the User settings.

Any suggestions from older and more wisdomous plugin authors?

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