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Dayle Rees Colour & UI Schemes

Dayle Rees Colour & UI Schemes

Postby daylerees on Sat Feb 22, 2014 8:19 pm

Hi guys,

I've recently rebuilt my colour schemes package from the ground up to be better than ever! It now contains almost 100 colour schemes for various editors and tools.

Sublime Text has the best compatibility with my themes, since I use it from day to day. I have created a 'UI theme' for every included colour scheme. You can also mix and match code and UI themes. :) Here's an example of the 'Bold' UI and colour scheme combination.


The full set is available at : https://github.com/daylerees/colour-schemes .

Full previews are available here: http://daylerees.github.io/

If you like the themes, would you please do me the honor of 'star'ing the repository on github, and following me on twitter ( https://twitter.com/daylerees ) for updates.

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Re: Dayle Rees Colour & UI Schemes

Postby FichteFoll on Mon Feb 24, 2014 2:37 am

That's quite a collection. And very interesting idea to generate the respective theme along with the color scheme colors.

Since you have used quite a lot of "default" settings, would you mind explaining if these are actually interpreted by Sublime Text and if there are more? I ask because I created a package for color scheme creation and want to check known properties for valid inputs.

Edit: Actually, you posted this in the wrong section since there actually is a "Plugin Announcements" forum, but nvm.
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