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PaneAnyWhere (Plugin idea.)

PaneAnyWhere (Plugin idea.)

Postby ctf0 on Sun Jun 29, 2014 4:09 pm

hey there ,this is a something i came up with to make working with panes much easier ,am already familiar with (origami) but i found that creating/organizing/destroying panes with only the keyboard is rather a tedious process ,so this concept should make all of that a breeze ,sadly i know little to nothing about python so any help to breath life into this idea is much appreciated..

the plugin it self is possible because by default when you drag a tab anywhere sublime makes a new window in the exact same place (except if the tab were to close to the screen edge) ,and so we just need to figure out how to override that by making ST treats the dragged tab the same way as you do when moving it from a pane to another (except now the active area will be the whole window and not just the pane head area)

the concept:
1-you can create as many panes as you want even with one tab ,just keep dragging that tab from a pane to another ,no-limitations for the number of panes or tabs.
2-if you have a pane with one tab ,you can chose what happens when you drag that tab out ,do you want to destroy the pane or do you want to leave it as it is.
3-chose when you drag the tab out of the active window ,do you want to create new window (sublime default) or close that tab.
4-if you have multible panes ,when dragging a tab from one pane to another ,the other pane will expand to cover the area of the one who just got destroyed.
5-when dragging a tab press (alt/option) and the current pane will be devided into 4 parts (grid).
6-as you can see from the gifs ,the pane is resized as you move the tab ,so you don't need to have to place it then resize it (all is done in one simple motion).

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