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Plugin Leads: A "Focus Mode" for writing like iA Writer

Plugin Leads: A "Focus Mode" for writing like iA Writer

Postby Jeloi on Sun Jul 06, 2014 10:00 am

I would like to create a package to enable users to toggle a "focus mode" feature like the one in the iA Writer app: http://www.iawriter.com/mac/.

Basically, the feature highlights the current sentence (the app is for writing prose, not code) by "dimming" all other text.

I know I'll need to use some method of regexp-ing around the cursor to find the last and previous stop characters that denote the end of a sentence (e.g !?.), although there may be some trickiness involved in cases such as:
"We left the U.S and went to St. Lucia."
where periods are used to abbreviate instead of delimit a sentence.

I have no idea how to change how Sublime displays a particular section of displayed text.

I have never written a Sublime package, but have plenty of development experience.
I love sublime and am excited to start contributing to the community.

Could people help point me in the right direction?

Any feedback/advice on how to go about doing this would be greatly appreciated.
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