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LaTeX plugin - Settings vs build system: aesthetics question

LaTeX plugin - Settings vs build system: aesthetics question

Postby Marciano on Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:10 pm


I have 'plugin aesthetics' question. I need to provide an option in the LaTeX plugin to set paths to various binaries. However, there are two sets of binaries I need: the actual tex compiler (and attendant utilities), and the PDF viewer. These will be in different directories on Windows and Mac.

It seems natural to specify the path to the tex compiler in the sublime-build file (which, incidentally, I am now reading using a custom-made command via the "target" option, which is AWESOME!). However, the case for the path to the PDF viewer is less clear. The viewer is invoked after compilation, but one may want, for example, to jump to the page in the PDF file corresponding to the current cursor position, and that does not involve compilation at all. So, logically, there should be a separate setting in a sublime-settings file.

However, (1) it is nice to keep everything centralized, so in particular, if the user needs to customize options, there is only one file to edit; and (2) the multi-platform facilities of the build system are SO convenient. So, I am leaning towards leaving both settings in the sublime-build file, and having the PDF view command access that file for its own path configuration.

But, I thought I'd check with the community and JPS first for advice on "best practices". thanks!
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