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New AsciiDoc Plugin Bundle

New AsciiDoc Plugin Bundle

Postby tsyroid on Wed Aug 03, 2011 5:04 pm

Pls, 'scuz in advance if this is in the wrong pocket.

Original post was a technical query: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2569

Thanks to @sublimator and @adzenith, I stumbled on an asciidoc tm.bundle.

I in turn forked the above and shuffled things around to better fit with the ST2 directory/naming conventions, See the README for installation instructions.

Code is at: https://github.com/tsyroid/asciidoc-sublime.git

All snippets have been tested and are working (baring a few superficial quirks) on ST2 latest build (2095). I'll be exploring and testing more in the coming days. As noted in previous post, I'm editing a book, working in AsciiDoc, and using ST2 all-the-live-long-day. So I'll know soon enough if the plugin is useful in a "daily working" context.

I see there's a "Sublime Plugin GitHub" venture happening... I don't think my meager efforts are worthy of entrance to the "Big Sublime House" yet, but I would appreciate anyone interested clone the repo and help me draw a picture of how to better organize, what needs fixing, etc. I'm relatively proficient with git, but a relative newbie with ST2 internals, unknown around these forums, and not a programmer (I document what you guys write ;-)). So be gentle please.

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Re: New AsciiDoc Plugin Bundle

Postby tsyroid on Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:46 am

Yeah, it works and it's a good starting point for refinement.

Two things I've found so far I need to adjust:

1. The default association is *.asc. This bollocks my working-configuration up. I still use Vim routinely, and I have plugins installed to manage encrypted gnupg files. Which recognize (indirectly) an *.asc file as an "ascii-armour" file, which creates all sorts of mayhem. I made the mistake of converting everything I was working to *.asc format (moved from *.txt), which I had to revert. Easier to revamp the plugin than my established "core working apps". Haven't looked yet, but I suspect this shouldn't be a a biggee to tweak.

2. Level 4 headings mess up the syntax highlighting for everything that follows. Doesn't mess with the code, but makes for a cognitive puzzle when viewing; which kinda detracts from the use of syntax highlighting.

On the upside, commenting is awesome. Open a doc, peg it as asciidoc, and type a series (2,3?) slashes: '///". Bingo -- a code block. This alone is worth the price of admission.
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