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Coffee-Script Build || Batch Problem

Coffee-Script Build || Batch Problem

Postby Autarc on Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:15 pm

Currently I try to create a Plugin, which eases the compilation of CoffeeScript/Less/node.js files - which aren't officialy supported at Windows. At least there are serveral workarounds for them and after I finally I found a solution for each which fits well, I'd wrote a batch files for each type to run them properly. As I'am using the console, it works well - but unfortunately it doesn't run at Sublime (based on duncan smart):(

Here is the code for building & the batch:
Code: Select all
   "cmd": ["coffee.bat", "$file"],      
   "selector" : "source.coffee",
   "path" : "%APPDATA%\\Sublime Text 2\\Packages\\SublimeResult\\trigger"         

Code: Select all
:: Coffee-Builder-Batch
::@echo off
set input=%1
set output=%input:~0,-6%
cscript //nologo ../win_code/"coffee.wsf" %input% %output%js

The python console shows, that it complains about "cscript" (seems like he doesn't know it - even though it normaly works via cmd) and uses "set output=..." wrong (takes one letter moren than it should). Moreover I get the message"[Decode error - output not utf-8]" at the beginning.

Would be great if you could help me with this issues ;)
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